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Help Desk List (Mailing list): HDESK-L@wvnvm.wvnet.edu Setup by Roman Olynyk at West Virginia. Thanks, Roman.

To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@wvnvm.wvnet.edu with no subject and the following line in the body of the message: subscribe HDESK-L your_first_name your_last_name

To check to see if your mail got through to the list, send mail to LISTSERV@wvnvm.wvnet.edu with no subject and the following line in the body of the message: set HDESK-L repro (the default is norepro)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to add your e-mail address and contact information in the body of your message, particularly if you would like a personal response to a query! Some mailers cannot capture the 'from' address and private posts to your query will have to be broadcast to thousands of readers of the list instead of to you directly.

NOTE: Almost every mail package has a method to automatically append your standard closing (such as your name, contact information etc.) to your outgoing mail messages. Please contact your local mail admin. for assistance.

To tell the listserv not to send you mail temporarily, send mail to LISTSERV@wvnvm.wvnet.edu with no subject and the following line in the body of the message: set HDESK-L nomail (the default is mail)

To get to the archives of the Help Desk List, send mail to LISTSERV@wvnvm.wvnet.edu with no subject and the following line in the body of the message: index HDESK-L

If you see a lot of 'undeliverable' mail 'bouncing' back to the list, please be patient! Roman has set up the list so that 'bounced' mail gets sent back to the owner of the list, not to the entire list. Some mail packages ignore this and occasional messages bounce back to the entire list. This will be taken care of as a priority!

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Help Desk Institute - http://www.helpdeskinst.com/ (commercial organization):
1755 Telestar Drive, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920, U.S.A
Phone: (800) 248 5667 or (719) 531 5138

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGUCCS:
http://www.acm.org/ or e-mail to acmhelp@acm.org

The American Productivity & Quality Center's (APQC) International Benchmarking Clearinghouse conducted a study with several major corporations on best practices in the area of call centers.
For more information, contact Allison Burge at allisonb@sam.neosoft.com or contact the APQC at (800) 776-9676.

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Helpful Courses

The Help Desk Institute organizes a number of useful courses. Contact them at the phone number or address shown above for more information.

Data-Tech Institute offers some useful courses.
PO Box 2429, Clifton, NJ 07015. Phone: (201) 478 5400

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Useful Conferences

Computer Training and Support Conference, run by the Ziff Institute.
Contact (800) 34 TRAIN.

Contact the Help Desk Institute for information on their conferences.

ServiceTech, run jointly by AFSMI (Association For Service Management International) and ServiceWare Inc.
Contact AFSMI at (800) 333 9786

If you are involved with computing in education, contact the Association for Computing Machinery, for information on SIGUCCS.

Software Support Conference, run by the Institute for International Research.
Contact (800) 345 8016

Systems Support Expo, run by United Publications.
Contact (207) 846 0600

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Related books/magazines

Effective User Support - How to Manage the IT Helpdesk
Noel Bruton noel@bruton.win-uk.net

Running an Effective Help Desk
Barbara Czegel bczegel@terraport.net (John Wiley and Sons)

First-Rate Customer Service
(The Economics Press) (800) 526 2444

Effective Software Customer Support
Richard Gallagher (International Thompson Computer Press) rsgassoc@aol.com

The Computer Training Handbook, 2nd Edition
Elliott Masie. (Lakewood Publications)

Microsoft Sourcebook for the Help Desk
(Microsoft Press) http://www.microsoft.com

Virtual Help Desk
Andy Thomas (International Thompson Computer Press) regency@ixl.net

The Customer Driven Company - Moving from Talk to Action
Richard C. Whiteley, the Forum Corporation (Addison-Wesley)

Help! The Art of Computer Technical Support
Ralph Wilson. (Peachpit Press)

Call Center Magazine
(215) 355 2886 or (800) 677 3435

Service News
(207) 846 0600 or http://www.servicenews.com

Service and Support Management (Publications & Communications, Inc.)
fax: (512) 331 3900

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Related Newsgroups/FAQs

A University-specific Help Desk list has surfaced. To subscribe, send the following message in the body of a mail message to listserv@vma.cc.nd.edu.
subscribe hdi-edu your_first_name your_last_name

Steve Harvey has started the Call Center Institute of Quality to provide an informal networking forum for exchange of best practices in measuring quality in the call center. For more information, contact steveharvey@msn.com

There is a moderated news digest of messages and news about the computer training field. To get more information on this service and how to use it, send the following request in the body of a mail message to listproc@bilbo.isu.edu

subscribe Computer-Training your_first_name your_last_name

Richard Boren has put together the Training Registry - an online catalog of training courses, vendors and training media.

Dave Eaton has put together a FAQ dedicated to Problem Management, at http://www.iac.honeywell.com/Pub/Tech/CM/PMTools.html

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Academic research on help desks

Iain Middleton (i.middleton@rgu.ac.uk) from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland has been researching Help Desks. Contact him directly for information on this project.

Avron Barr (barr@cs.stanford.edu) at Stanford University's Stanford Computer industry Project is involved in a research project on Help Desks

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Resources compiled by contributors to Hdesk-L

lil also has a WWW interface to their solutionsdatabase. http://www2.ncsu.edu/cc-consult/CustomerQ/cqsearch.html

NOTE: If you use any of these resources, please take a moment or two to provide feedback!

Geoff Selig from Concordia University has placed two help desk proposal files available via anonymous ftp. NOTE from Geoff - If you make use of any part of our proposal, we would appreciate your acknowledging its origin. The files are helpdesk.w51 in WordPerfect 5.1 format, and final.prn in Postscript format, in the /pub/geoff directory. ftp.ece.concordia.ca

Brian Lincoln from the University of Pittsburgh has made their knowledge base available via WWW. http://www.pitt.edu/~helpline

Trey (Joe Villiner III) from the University of Missouri at Rolla has their Help Desk page available via WWW. http://www.umr.edu/~hdhtml

Sherri Johnson from Swarthmore College has some Help Desk documentation available via WWW. http://www.cc.swarthmore.edu/cc/cc-docs/Helpdesk

Chris Lundin from Stanford University has made their Help Desk page available via WWW. http://www-leland.stanford.edu/group/itss/

Marianne Aldridge at the University of Alberta (Canada) has made their Help Desk page available via WWW. http://www.ualberta.ca/HELP/

Mikael Blaisdell handles the Customer Support Technology Forum on Compuserve which is an interactive resource for enabling customer support and help-desk managers to share their experiences and expertise via the on-line community of Compuserve.
To access this, Compuserve membership is required. To access, enter: GO CSTECH. The current forum membership is over 3500 professionals at all levels.

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Help Desk FAQ compiled by

Phil Verghis
Manager, Help Desk
Office of Information Technology
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
e-mail: pverghis@acpub.duke.edu
Phone: (919)684-4576
Fax : (919)684-3383

Feel free to distribute this list for non-commercial purposes. If you include a link to this FAQ from a commercial site, please inform the compiler of the FAQ at the address shown below.

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